Maxima Racing Brake Fluid DOT 4

Brake Fluid

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Product Description

Maxima Racing Brake Fluid SYN DOT 4 Hi-Temp has a minimum dry boiling point of 600°F (316°C) which assures fade-free operation under the most severe use. Due to the very high boiling point, a more consistent and controllable lever feel is achieved. Meets and exceeds all OEM specifications and compatible with all DOT 4 and DOT 3 braking systems.


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Exceeds current SAE J1703, J1S K2233 and U.S. and FMVSS116 DOT 3 & 4 specifications.
Recommended for all U.S., U.K., Japanese and European motorcycles.
Anti-vapor lock formula
Mixes with other DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids


For use in all hydraulic clutch and brake systems.
Flush all brake systems annually.
Flush all racing brake systems more frequently.
Do Not Use in DOT 5 Silicone Brake Systems.

Technical Data

Boiling Point °F SYN DOT 4 Hi-Temp
Dry (min.) 600
Wet (min.) 410

Additional Information

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