Castor 927

CASTOR 927 is a unique blend of highly refined castor oil, a specially prepared synthetic and an additive system that reduces carbon and gum formation and provides excellent rust & corrosion protection. Contains an exclusive additive that keeps power valves cleaner and working properly. Keeps lubricating and fights carbonizing or vaporizing Provides extra protection on cylinder walls, bearing journals and other critical areas at high temperatures.


Product Description


  • Excels in extreme temperatures and loads
  • Fights rust & corrosion
  • Keeps powervalves clean and free of gum
  • Will not easily carbonize or vaporize
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Bio-degradable when not burned
  • Rated #1 by many independent studies
  • Attractive sweet smell during engine combustion



Premix only in both leaded and unleaded fuels. Safe for use in racing or recreational riding
CAUTION: Not intended for use in oil injection systems. When blending with alcohol it normally requires more oil. Care must be exercised when blending with low specific gravity (below 0.730) race gasoline or aviation fuels and in temperatures below 35ºF as separation may occur. Separation may also occur in alcohol containing a high percentage of nitromethane. Check before using.RECOMMENDED MIX RATIONS BY ENGINE CC: 50-80cc (24-32:1) | 125cc (24-40:1) | 250cc (24-40:1) | 500cc and up (32-60:1)

Technical Data

Color D1500 Yellow
Viscosity cSt @ 40°C D2270 133.1
Viscosity cSt @ 100°C D2270 13.79
Viscosity Index D2270 99
Density D4052 0.8631 0.8689 0.8656 0.8714
Flash Point °C D92 216
Pour Point °C D92 -20


Safety Data Sheets

Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide up-to-date and accurate information on the material handling of this product.

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