Syn Chain Guard Care Combo Kit


CLEAN UP, MPPL, and SYN CHAIN GUARD are a winning combination proven to increase horsepower and extend chain and sprocket life. CLEAN UP is an emulsion-type degreaser excellent for chains and sprockets that easily washes out with water. MPPL is a superior all-purpose spray-on penetrating lubricant that provides an excellent barrier against rust & corrosion. Great for displacing moisture. SYN CHAIN GUARD is a crystal clear chain lube that resists fling-off. Advanced technology allows to penetrate critical inner pins and rollers, lubricating and protecting them from friction, shock load and high temperatures. Protective boundary guards chain against rust & corrosion while super clean formula minimizes the attraction of dirt.

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  • Extends chain and sprocket life
  • Revives badly maintained chains
  • Keeps chain looking new
  • Increases horsepower
  • Comes with Crystal Clear Syn Chain Guard



Use to keep new chains looking new, revive old chains or where maximum performance is needed. Apply Clean Up, MPPL and Syn Chain Guard to experience the winning chain care combination. Always follow instructions of each product label.

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