Performance Straight-Weight


Mineral based engine oil designed to enable maximum power while providing ultimate protection under the most severe race conditions. The extensively developed formulation utilizes a 2X Zinc system combined with unique “stay-in-place” chemistry for protection during every run. High quality base oils combine with an advanced, proprietary additive system to provide world-class durability through effective ring seal, optimum engine cleanliness and resistance to separation caused by fuel dilution.

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Features & Benefits

  • Unique friction modifier system enables maximum power output
  • “Stay-in-place” chemistry and 2X Zinc anti-wear system provide lasting protection
  • High quality base stocks enable effective ring seal
  • Advanced, proprietary additive system keeps your engine clean
  • Designed to prevent separation caused by fuel dilution


For all high performance engines recommending 50wt, 60wt or 70wt engine oil. Does not require additional additives or boosters. Compatible with all race fuels. No special procedures are required when switching to Maxima Racing Oils.

Technical Data

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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